Your iZone Controller

Our iZONE Control System is suitable for Daikin and Panasonic air conditioners installed by Ford & Doonan.

How to use your IZONE Control System

IZONE is the custom control system for you Ford & Doonan air conditioning system.

In the IZONE Control System video, you’ll see how easy it is to use the IZONE System.

The IZONE Control System interface is easy to navigate and simple to understand. The main control panel is icon based with intuitive, easy to navigate menu functions.

Setting up your IZONE Control System only takes a few simple steps.

Simply use the ‘system on’ function to start the air conditioner.

Next, press the ‘AC unit’ icon to enter the mode & temperature control menu.

Here you can set your desired temperature using the touch panel controls.

Check you have the correct mode setting.

Touching the mode control will allow you to set the desired heating or cooling mode.

Use the speed icon to set the desired fan speed.

Use the back button or the home icon on your IZONE Control System at any time to exit to the main menu.

The ‘Zone Control’ option allows you to set individual temperatures and air flow for each dedicated zone in your house.

The summary page gives a quick overview of every zone and its current operating values.

You can easily adjust individual temperature controls as well as open or close any zones that are not required on your IZONE Control System.

To adjust airflow for individual zones, touch the desired room name tab.

The dedicated airflow menu will allow you to adjust the minimum and maximum airflow for each zone.

The status control will let you adjust the individual temperature as well as the desired operating mode for each zone.

Use the intuitive menu controls to navigate each zone and make the desired adjustment.

For rooms that are not used a lot we recommend you set these zones at a low air flow rate to maximize the efficiency of the system.

The ‘schedule’ icon on your IZONE Control System allows you to set regular schedules for your system.

Here you can adjust the start and stop times and which days you want the schedule active. You can program and name multiple schedules using the intuitive touch screen controls.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Ford & Doonan branch that installed your air conditioner, we are always happy to help.