Your Air Touch Controller

Whether you have a Panasonic air conditioner, a Samsung or a Daikin air conditioner, our video will inform you on how to use your Air Touch Controller for your air conditioner installed by Ford & Doonan.

Air Touch is the custom control center for you Ford & Doonan air conditioning system.

In the Air Touch video, you’ll see how easy it is to use the Air Touch Controller.

The Air Touch interface is easy to navigate and simple to understand.

The main control panel is icon-based with intuitive, easy to navigate menu.The Air Touch can be wirelessly controlled from any smart device including iPhone, androids and tablets, giving you access to control the temperature from any room in the home!

The Air Touch home screen displays a summary of your system settings including individual airflows and temperature. You can also access the Air Touch program menu and on/off button.

To start your Air Touch system, press the A/C button located on the top right of the Air Touch screen.

To adjust the airflow to any zone, touch the corresponding minus or plus icon to increase or decrease the desired airflow.

You can also assign a number of zones to a group. Each group can be assigned a turbo function. When activated, the turbo function will cool or heat the related zones quicker.

Setting up automated control programs on the Air Touch Controller only takes a few simple steps.

Simply touch the ‘settings’ tab on the home screen.

Then, touch the ‘user’ tab to enter the setup menu; here you can set up Wi-Fi connections, date & time, turbo groups and temperature display.

Touch the turbo group field to open the turbo group menu.

You can assign any desired zones to a turbo group. A grey turbo indicator will appear on the group button to indicate it is now a turbo group.

Then touch the ‘display temperature’ button to enable or disable the temperature control icon.

To enable control of Air Touch from a wireless device, the unit must be connected to your wireless router network.

Choose the desired network and enter the network password then touch the ‘connect’ tab to join your network.

The wifi logo indictor will now appear on the status bar.

You can now control your air conditioner from the comfort of your lounge chair.

If you need further assistance please contact the Ford & Doonan branch that installed your air conditioner, we are always happy to help.

For service requests on your Panasonic air conditioner, Daikin or Samsung air conditioner, call 9331 8800