Which is Better? Reverse Cycle Ducted or Split System Air Conditioning?

Ah, the age old question. Which is better? Ducted air conditioning, or split system air conditioning? First off, let’s begin by explaining a little bit about each type of air conditioner

Split Systems

Split system air conditioning is comprised of an air conditioning unit that’s traditionally mounted on the wall of a living or dining room, or any smaller room for that matter. Split systems work best in single rooms, or small to medium connected room such as a small shared kitchen and living room.

Split systems are beneficial because they’re traditionally cheaper than a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner, are easier to install and have the ability to provide relief from the weather extremities in an efficient way.However, split systems aren’t suitable for large rooms. Also, if you’re trying to provide whole home comfort, then purchasing and installing a range of single or multi-split system air conditioners will quickly become a costly and inefficient manner due to many systems working independently to cool one area.

Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning

A reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system, as a simple explanation, is comprised of a variety of ducting, providing warm and cool air throughout your home. Reverse cycle ducted air conditioners are a better choice if you’re building a new home, or providing renovations to an existing home and wish to add value to the home whilst ensuring your family stay comfortable in a variety of conditions.

Ducted air conditioning works by the indoor unit pumping cool, or warm air, throughout your home via ducting. The air leaves the ducting through ceiling outlets or side wall registers/linear grilles.Modern reverse cycle ducted air conditioners can even come equipped with the latest in zoning control, with modern controllers like the AirTouch 4 having 5% increment adjustments to ensure you can get the perfect temperature for a variety of rooms within your home. One room can be set at a balmy 26 degrees, and another staying nice and cool at 22 degrees.

Our Recommendation?

There’s no one “better than the other” air conditioner. They all have their strong points. For single rooms, a split system is a better choice. For whole home heating and cooling, then a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner is a better choice.

If you have any further questions, or are looking for a quote, then contact us today! We’ll be happy to help.