The Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

In the scorching heat of summer or the chilly days of winter, a reliable air conditioning system can turn your home into an oasis of comfort. Among the various options available, ducted air conditioning stands out as a superior choice for delivering consistent and efficient cooling (or heating) throughout your entire home. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of ducted air conditioning and explore the various benefits it offers.

Efficient Climate Control

Imagine walking into your home after a long day, and every corner is as refreshing as the next. Ducted air conditioning systems are designed to do just that. By distributing conditioned air through a network of ducts hidden in your ceiling, these systems provide uniform cooling or heating throughout your home. Unlike traditional wall split systems that might leave certain areas warmer or cooler, ducted systems ensure that each room maintains a consistent temperature, enhancing your overall comfort.

Discreet Conditioned Air

One of the key advantages of ducted air conditioning is its ability to remain hidden. With only subtle grilles or vents visible in each room, the aesthetic appeal of your interior remains intact. We understand the importance of an aesthetically designed home and offer a range of grille designs (square, round and rectangle) and placement options that seamlessly integrate with your home. This ensures that your air conditioning system doesn’t just provide comfort but also adds to the visual charm of your living spaces.

The Importance of Filter Maintenance

First things first, the filter! Located in the return air, the filter is designed to remove dust and dirt from the air as it passes through the evaporator or indoor unit. This is a crucial piece of equipment as it plays a pivotal role in preventing blocked coils and improving air quality of higher-grade filters. Regular filter checks, preferably before the beginning of summer and winter, are highly recommended. Neglecting this step can cause the filter to become blocked, leading to a range of issues such as reduced airflow, poor temperature sensing, added running costs, decreased indoor fan motor lifespan, prolonged outdoor unit operation, increased running cost, and even worse, compressor failure. The importance of maintaining a clean filter cannot be overstated when it comes to running your air conditioning system efficiently.

Optimising the Setpoint Temperature

Another important factor for running your air conditioner, saving running costs and increasing system life is setting the correct temperature. The temperature displayed on the controller represents the desired room temperature you are trying to achieve. This point often becomes a source of confusion, as some people misconstrue it to be the actual temperature of the air being emitted during cooling or heating. This is when we often encounter clients running systems on 18 degrees for cooling or 30 degrees for heating. Running your air conditioner at these temperatures will experientially increase running costs and decrease longevity.

Linear-Bar-GrilleLinear Bar Grille

Round-VentRound Vent

Quieter Operation

In the past, air conditioning systems were often associated with noisy compressors and fans that disrupted the tranquillity of your home. Ducted air conditioning, however, has evolved to be much Quieter. Here at Ford & Doonan, we only use industry leading brands such as DaikinPanasonic, and Samsung. This allows you to enjoy the perfect climate without any unwanted disturbances, whether you’re working, resting, or entertaining guests.

Zoned Comfort Control

One of the standout features of modern ducted systems is the ability to create zones within your home. This means you can control air flow to various areas based on your preferences and usage patterns. For example, you can direct air flow to your living, kitchen, and dining area during the day when entertaining guests. Then, at night, turn off that area and switch on your bedrooms zone. This is what we call the day-night zoning strategy. This strategy enables you to have precise control over each zone, optimising energy consumption and enhancing your comfort. To learn more about zoning, check out our previous post:

The Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

Smart Control at Your Fingertips

With the advent of smart technology, the convenience of controlling your home environment has reached new heights. Ford & Doonan offers AirTouch 5, Australia’s smartest air conditioning controller, that allow you to manage your ducted air conditioning system from your smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re on the couch or away from home, you can easily adjust the temperature, set schedules, and monitor energy usage, putting you in complete control of your comfort. Take a moment to watch our video on the AirTouch 5 smart controller:

Enhancing Property Value

Investing in a ducted air conditioning system isn’t just about immediate comfort; it’s a strategic decision that can positively impact your property’s value. Potential buyers are increasingly recognising the appeal of homes equipped with efficient climate control solutions. A well designed and professionally installed ducted air conditioning system can become a valuable selling point, setting your property apart in the competitive real estate market.

In conclusion

When it comes to achieving ultimate home comfort, ducted air conditioning emerges as a top-tier solution. With its efficient and uniform climate control, aesthetic integration, energy efficiency, and smart capabilities, it’s a smart investment that pays off in both immediate comfort and long-term savings. Say goodbye to uneven temperatures and hello to a new era of unparalleled comfort!