Simple Whole Home Air Purification

Simple Whole Home Air Purification

Ford & Doonan are excited to announce the release of the Halo LED air purification system for refrigerated ducted air conditioners. If you’re concerned about the quality of air that you and your family are breathing, this is the product for you.

Unlike most air purifiers that are self-contained and designed for a single room, the Halo LED is installed inside the ducted air conditioner and operates whenever the air conditioner is running. Other air purification systems only treat the air that is currently active in the room, meaning as soon as more air enters (either by the door or window opening) the system must treat that new air also.

How it Works?

The system works by producing low levels of airborne hydrogen peroxide with ionization. This reduces viruses, bacteria, odours, and mould spores from entering your home. This is in addition to allergens such as dust, dander, and pollen. As the ducted air conditioner draws air in through the return air grille, the air passes over the Halo LED, proactively treating every cubic inch of air-conditioned space. The result? Cleaner air from your air conditioning system with no impact on running costs or heating and cooling effectiveness. The air purification system is simply installed within your existing ducted air conditioner as part of a regular service visit, or can be installed as part of a new air conditioning system.

Simple Whole Home Air Purification

With little to no regular maintenance needed, the lifespan of the Phi-Cell device is between 4 – 5 years, depending on usage.

As the Halo LED system is installed inside the ducted air conditioner, whenever the system is running, the air is being treated. To achieve a similar result, you will need to purchase individual air purifiers for each room and ensure they’re all running in conjunction with your air conditioning system. This year-round solution is perfect for those suffering seasonal allergies that can be brought on by even the smallest of changes to air quality.

Keep your family healthy this Spring by purchasing a Halo LED from Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning. Available from our Kardinya Head Office, these can be installed as a retrofit to the existing ducted system, or as part of the new installation. Click one of the two videos below to see the feature on Channel 7’s Home in WA program.

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