4 Easy Ways To Save Money Running Your Air Conditioning This Summer

We all know how crazy the temperature gets in the summer nowadays! Just remember last summer. During the peak heat, air conditioners are a knight in shining armour. But, at the end of the electricity billing cycle, we can all get a bit of a shock when we realise how much it costs to run them.

When not properly maintained, air conditioners certainly can cost an arm and a leg to run. So, what should you do? Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning have compiled 4 easy ways to save money on your electricity bill when running your air conditioner during summer.

The ‘Perfect’ Temperature

As tempting as it may seem to slam the temperature of your air conditioner as low as it can go, the impact this can have on your electricity usage can be catastrophic! Running the system at 18°C when it’s 35°C outside is NOT a good idea and NOT recommended at all. Ford & Doonan recommend running your air conditioner on cooling mode and high fan speed at a temperature between 23°C to 27°C.

Whilst finding the ideal temperature is a bit subjective, running the system at anywhere lower than 23°C during summer puts immense strain on the system and may cause it to shut off altogether as it enters a fail-safe mode. This is due to the air conditioner now operating well above manufacturer specifications if for example, it is 42°C outside and you’re asking it to cool to 18°C inside. This isn’t possible due to the incredibly large temperature differential (T.D).

To assist in cooling your home as efficiently as possible, Ford & Doonan also recommend the below as a good rule of thumb and for when the outside temperature is 35°C and above:

  • Turn your air conditioner on in the morning, set it to 24°C on cooling mode and leave it on for the day. The inverter system will ramp up and down during the day, maintaining the temperature throughout the day rather than trying to change it rapidly at 5pm when you get home from work
  • Draw your curtains and/or install blockout blinds
  • Have your windows tinted with UV protective tint

Regular Servicing is Recommended

It is highly recommended to get your air conditioner serviced annually by a qualified professional. This crucial step helps extend the lifespan and efficiency of your system, and can also be a requirement to maintain the warranty of your air conditioner from certain manufacturers. A thorough check by a technician can spot any leaks and issues with the coils or fins well before they become big problems. Click HERE to book today. Regular servicing allows for a timely inspection clean and/or replacement of your air conditioner’s filter, which can clog with dust, debris and hair from normal use. All this can eventually block the filter. This will restrict the airflow and force the system to run at a higher capacity than what is required to condition the same amount of air.

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Assisting your Air Conditioner in Summer

As mentioned above, a combination of turning your air conditioner on in the morning and letting it run for the whole day, installing and/or drawing your curtains or blockout blinds and UV protective window tint all help to keep the heat out and the cool air inside.

Regularly Cleaning your Air Conditioner Filters

Last but not least, giving a good clean to the air conditioning filters ensures the air conditioners perform at their peak level. We know different types of filters require different cleaning methods. Follow our simple DIY videos on the Ford & Doonan YouTube channel here:

DIY Ducted Filter Clean

DIY Wall Split Filter Clean