Save Gas and Money with Air Conditioning? How so?

Did you know you could save up to 32% on your gas heating bill with a Daikin Split System?*As gas prices continue to rise, the cost of running traditional gas systems for heating will increase too. As we say goodbye to winter, the majority of gas heaters go into storage for the Summer. Why not make a change, and switch the inefficient gas heater for a gas conscious Daikin split system?

With the latest range of Daikin split system air conditioners, households can save up to 32% off their heating running costs by switching over.*

Daikin has a range of split system air conditioners to suit any requirements, from single room wall mounted systems, to multi-room multi-split systems. Whilst all split systems might look the same, a white (sometimes black) boxy shaped thing mounted to the wall, it’s what’s on the inside that counts:

  • The latest in air-purifying filter technology, such as titanium apatite photocatalytic filters that trap more airborne microscopic particles.
  • Clean air filters that actively work to decompose odours to leave the room smelling clean and fresh.
  • WiFi connectivity with the updated Daikin D-Mobile App.
  • 2 Area Intelligent eye, meaning that the air conditioner can detect movement and switch itself into eco mode when no activity is detected, then wake up again when someone walks past.

You might be thinking “Why should I care about heating now? It’s almost summer!” But when was the last time your gas heating cooled your house? Rather than sweat through another summer, Daikin’s split system range also has reverse cycle functionality. This means it can heat and cool your home.

As we approach our 35th year of business, Ford & Doonan have been one of WA’s most trusted air conditioning brands and the largest Daikin Dealer in Western Australia. With 10 stores across Western Australia, experience the Ford & Doonan difference with a new Daikin split system today.Interested in more Daikin products, then head over to our dedicated Daikin pageDaikin Air Conditioning Perth*Based on average running costs of a flued gas system and a Daikin reverse cycle split system. This comparison was based on delivering identical heating running times from both systems, and calculating their running costs.