Sales Big Day Out 2015

Every year Ford & Doonan holds its big day for the group’s sales teams. Not only is this meeting about training, personal and professional improvement but also about honoring some of the outstanding performances over the past year.
Craig Harper was the motivational trainer this year. He had a very different approach to previous speakers and trainers that we have seen; however, that was a good thing. He talked about what “holds us back” and the “difference of high achievers”. There was something for everyone to learn and take away with them, by asking some uncomfortable questions. There were a lot of notes taken, giving the sales teams something important to take away!
The topic after Craig Harper was F&D 2020, as Andrew Ford said, it is all about building a sustainable future for the company and to make sure it is going as well in the future.
“It is not the size nor strength of a company, that will make it grow and prosper, nor is it being the most intelligent company, that will make it grow and prosper. But it is the company most responsive to change, that will grow and prosper.” At Ford & Doonan we pride ourselves that we are at the forefront of technology and development, therefore it is important to keep at the top of our game so this is the case in the future as well.
After all the talks it was time to honor all of the Sales Teams. The format had been changed and new categories added. One of the categories is now the “Pre-Start Sales Award”. This award went to by Kayleigh (Kardinya), for achieving highest sales in Pre-Start.
The big awards to be mentioned was the “Franchise of the Year Award” which went to Bunbury. The other new category was the “Fastest Growing Franchise of the Year” award, which went to Canning Vale.

Congratulations for the good work to all the Sales Teams at F&D!