Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners Explained

Reverse cycle air conditioners (refrigerated) give complete climate control. More mechanically complex than evaporative systems, they are also more expensive to purchase, to maintain and to run, however they are incredibly effective, and they can be used to heat as well as to cool, unlike evaporative air conditioners which only cool.

These refrigerated air conditioning systems also do a much better job at cooling your home on hot humid days.

This method of air conditioning can be supplied as a split system which are portable units that attach to your wall or a fully ducted system that runs through an entire building. Refrigerated air conditioners perform well but cheaper models can emit harmful refrigerants into the environment and use more power. Therefore, it’s important to use a supplier that uses quality brands like Daikin, Samsung and Panasonic.

Whatever type you choose, make sure you talk to an air conditioning specialist who can advise on the best solution for you.