Residential Services

With a range of air conditioners from industry-leading brands, experience year-round comfort like never before with Ford & Doonan

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your established home, we offer a climate control solution that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Whether you’re adding a single wall split air conditioner for a granny flat, to building your first family home or upgrading the air conditioning in your apartment, Ford & Doonan can help. With a large range of products from industry leading brands such as Daikin, Panasonic and Samsung, experience the Ford & Doonan difference today.

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Reverse cycle refrigerated ducted air conditioning provides conditioned air to a variety of rooms from one single system. The reverse cycle nature means it both heats and cools, a perfect whole home solution.

Split System

Wall-mounted or floor-mounted reverse cycle split system air conditioners provide conditioned air to one room of your home. A multi-split system is also available to heat and cool neighbouring rooms.

Solar Energy

With electricity bills rising seemingly year-on-year, it makes sense to take steps to reduce your power bills and your carbon foot print. A standalone solar PV or solar + battery system is perfect for reducing your day time running costs.


Your air conditioner has many moving parts and electrical components. Ford & Doonan recommend at least one annual service of your residential or commercial air conditioner. Our dedicated service department is available to service a wide range of air conditioners, even systems that we didn't install ourselves.

Building Your New Home?

With a reputation built on quality and customer service, many of WA’s most recognisable builders choose Ford & Doonan for their included air conditioning. Our builders direct team provide tailored design services for a range of new homes.

Efficient Operation

Most modern air conditioners feature inverter technology, this reduces running cost

  • Inverter technology controls the speed of the compressor, delivering a perfect combination of performance and efficiency
  • Optional upgrades such an premium ducting and air guiders help improve performance in weather extremities


Gone are the days of simple off-and-on functionality. Upgrade the controller to add a range of additional features and benefits.

  • Add additional controllers
  • Control your system remotely via mobile or tablet
  • Voice control


Adapt your system easily to suit your lifestyle, and make sure your home feels exactly how you want it to – all year round.

  • Extra outlets
  • Extra zones for added comfort
  • Type of outlets

Established Homes

Customised solutions for your home

Ford & Doonan offer a range of options for established homes, such as the removal of evaporative systems or replacing old refrigerated ducted systems.

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