R-22 Phase out – What this means for you

HCFC – 22, which is also known as R22, is a refrigerant that has been commonly used in residential and commercial heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration systems since the 1980s following the phase out of chlorofluorocarbons (CFs) in developed countries.
In 2012, R22 accounted for approximately 26 per cent of the total bank of working gases in Australia, one third of the commonly used synthetic greenhouse gasses R-410a and R-134a.
As releases of R22 inclusive of leaks, contributes to ozone depletion, Australia has a legislated phase out of HCFC in line with its obligations under the Montreal Protocol. Australia will largely phase out the import of HCFCs from 2016, apart from 2.5 ozone depletion potential tonnes a year (equating to around 45 tonnes of R22) which will only be permitted until 2029 to service equipment.
The phase out of R22 will see industry look towards other options as the national bank of refrigerant reduces, including moving away entirely from the import and manufacturing of air conditioners that operate on R22.
After 2029, the servicing of the remaining R22 based systems will rely solely on recycled or reclaimed refrigerant.

R22 phase out is a reality, how will this impact you?
• Expensive breakdown due to increasing refrigerant charges.
• Down time on equipment due to depleting spare parts and refrigerant stock levels.
• Expensive energy bills due to inefficient systems.

What are your options?
• Retain and manage R22 systems until the complete phase out in the hope of no major breakdowns.
• Retrofit R22 systems with alternative refrigerants.
• Replace R22 systems with an exact match.
• Upgrade R22 systems through redesign to achieve a new energy efficient system.

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