MBA Customer Service Award Win

Saturday, 27/2/20106 was a big night for the Ford & Doonan Group. After long anticipation, waiting and coming in second the previous year, we were announced the MBA Winner for Customer Service Supplier 2016.

This was a testimony to the hard work, each and every employee has been putting in every day, not only for our residential clients, but also commercial and builders.

Especially over the last few years, the building industry has become an integral part to Ford & Doonan. Not only have we developed processes to make it easier for our builders, but also for their clients, who are essential our clients as well.

We are looking forward to continuously improving our work, which is only possible if we receive feedback from all our clients. This allows us to grow and improve our services!

So thank you to everyone who has been involved in this process, but most importantly to all the Ford & Doonan staff who make sure all our clients have a “Ford & Doonan Day” everyday!