Keeping Warm this Winter

Keeping warm, but keeping those running cots low, here are some helpful tips from our Service Team for this Winter.

If a fault occurs or your unit stops running – reset the air conditioner by turning the power off for 60 seconds and then on again (at the circuit breaker located in the meter/ power box). If the unit does not start of a fault code is still evident, please contact our Service Department

Keep your running costs low by setting the temperature on heating at around 20 – 21 degrees. Each 1 degree increases running cost by around 10%.

Check that the unit is set for the correct operation: sun = heating, snowflake = cooling and that the temperature setting is correct.

Keep blinds and curtains open during the day as sunlight will provide natural warming. Keep blinds and curtains closed during the evening as windows are the largest source of heat loss.

Where possible, close off areas which you are not using and keep those zones switched off.

Does your system have a timer function? Why not set it to come on an hour before you get out of bed. It is more efficient to turn it on earlier at 21 and slowly raise the temperature of your home, than try to heat the room quickly.

Ensure your filters are cleaned regularly to keep the air fresh and clean.

Keep the area around your outdoor unit clean and clear of debris. Blocking the air from moving freely around the outdoor unit puts an extra load on the unit, which could result in the unit breaking down.

Adjust the louvers on your air conditioner so they face downwards for heating has hot air rises.