How to stay cool during summer

Here are some performance tips for your Ford & Doonan Air Conditioner in Perth

  1. For maximum efficiency, close off areas of the home that don’t require air conditioning. Closing unwanted zones, shutting bedroom and bathroom doors will keep the controlled air where it is required.
  2. If you have unused rooms with open zones, ensure the doors are slightly ajar so the pressurized air can move back to the return air grille.
  1. Check that all the outside doors and windows are closed so the conditioned air doesn’t escape.
  1. Close curtains where possible to reduce the excess heat from windows and glass areas.
  2. The return air filter needs to be cleaned every 3 months. Remove the filter, hose, clean it and leave it a couple of hours to dry. After replacing the filter make sure you press the filter reset button if the symbol is flashing. All return air filters should be replaced after 12 months. If you need a replacement filter call your local Ford & Doonan store for a replacement.
  3. If you are experiencing technical issues or faults with your system please do a reset of your air conditioner system before contacting Ford & Doonan. Like any computer, power drop-outs or surges can interrupt the operating system. In most cases a simple reboot is all that is required. Locate the external isolator switch on your air conditioning unit. Turn the switch to the off position. Wait 3 minutes and turn the switch back on. If the unit does not reset you will need to contact your local Ford & Doonan service department.

Common queries about Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning Systems in Perth.

  1. When the air conditioning system is working it is common to see water accumulating on the ground under the main air con unit. This is a normal occurrence due to the condensation of moisture as heat is exchanged through the Air Conditioning system.
  1. In cold weather you may see what appears to be smoke coming from the unit. This is just steam being released when the unit is in de ice mode. Also you may notice the unit icing up and appearing frozen. This is also ok as long as the system completes a de ice cycle.
  1. If you notice some outlets don’t appear to have enough air flow, check how many zones are open. Close off any zones not required and see if the air flow increases.
  1. Using your timer function can increase efficiency. In winter you can set the air conditioner to start an hour before you get up. Set the temperature at 21 degrees and slowly raise the temperature of your home. This is more efficient than trying to heat an entire house instantly.

If you need further assistance with your air conditioner, please contact the Ford & Doonan branch that installed your air conditioner, we are always happy to help.

For service requests on your Ford & Doonan air condition in Perth, call 9331 8800