How to clean your filter – Video

For your ducted Air Conditioning system Ford & Doonan recommends cleaning the filters every three months, which can be done by yourself. If you have allergies or pets we suggest cleaning the filters every month, especially during summer. The ducted Air Conditioning system will have it filters where the return grill is usually located in the ceiling.

If you have a ducted system: unscrew the retaining nut. The frame will hinge downward exposing the filter. Slide the filter free from the frame. The best method is to hose the filter from the clean site until all the dust is off. Then you can hose from the other direction. Shake off any excess water and leave to dry naturally. Once it is completely dry, re-install the filter to the grill frame, close the frame and screw grill back together.

In case you have a clean air filter pack, you simply need to purchase a replacement filter at your local Ford & Doonan Store.

If you are unsure at any stage of cleaning your filter, please contact our service department.