How Much Does Ducted Air Conditioning Cost?

Summer feels like it’s right upon us! Whenever Summer rolls around, often people are left scratching their heads about how much they should budget for a new air conditioning system. Let us explain exactly how much ducted air conditioning costs in Perth so that you can make the right choice and beat the Summer rush.

Ducted air conditioning is without question one of the best ways to create a cool and comfortable home in Summer. In Perth, and throughout Western Australia, Summer days are often about 35°C for hours on end. A ducted air conditioner provides discreet comfort to almost all rooms in your home. But…

  • How much does something like this cost?
  • How much should I budget for a new ducted air conditioner?
  • Is ducted air conditioning more expensive in Summer?

Let us answer these questions

How Much Does Ducted Air Conditioning Cost?

From $8,000*. As a ballpark figure, this is the price for a basic reverse cycle ducted air conditioner for a single storey home in Perth, Western Australia in 2021. For this price, you will receive a fully zoned system that allows you to turn off and on separate parts of your home, adjustable outlets (vents) in the ceiling, and reverse cycle technology that provides cool air in summer and warm air in winter. For a more defined price, use our online quoting form here

The more zones you have for your air conditioner, the more it will cost. A zone is a type of barrel that is installed in the roof space of your home, and allows for approximate airflow adjusts. In some cases, adjustments can be made in 5% increments, meaning the perfect air flow to each room exactly when you need it. If you’d like to add more zones to your standard ducted air conditioner, we recommend using the button below to speak with one of our Design Consultants.

The standard outlets are what we call Multi Directional Outlets (MDOs). These allow for full adjustability in four ways, meaning airflow can be direct to exactly where you need it in that room. Don’t like feeling the draft whilst sleeping? Easy! Adjust the angle of the outlets to direct the air away from your bed. Enjoy feeling the gush of cool air when you enter the room? Easy! Adjust the outlets so they direct the air straight to the door. MDOs allow for full adjustability for the user, without requiring a service technician to attend the property.

How Much Does Ducted Air Conditioning Cost?

Reverse cycle simply means that the air conditioner provides both heating and cooling functionality. In Winter, select heating (often the sun icon on the controller) to bathe in the warmth. In Summer, select cooling (often the snow flake on the controller) to relax and stay refreshed.

How Much Does Ducted Air Conditioning Cost for a 2 Storey Home

A two storey home is a little bit more complex to install, but no challenge for Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning. For a two storey home, a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner begins from $13,000*. As mentioned above, this will be for a basic zoned reverse cycle ducted air conditioner.

Air conditioning for a two story home in Perth is more expensive than a single storey equivalent due to the challenge of running the ducting from the upper floor to the lower floor. Sometimes, and depending on whether the air conditioning is for an existing home or a new home build, we may have to customise part of the installation to suit the job. Architectually design two and three storey homes are no issue for Ford & Doonan, in-fact we’re the air conditioning company of choice for some of Perth’s most recognisable builders and architects.

How Much Does Ducted Air Conditioning Cost?

Is Ducted Air Conditioning More Expensive in Summer?

The purchase price of an air conditioner doesn’t rise throughout the year; however, Summer is our busiest time of the year. This means that there can be a shortage of air conditioners available for the WA market. We also suggest to customers that if they’re looking to purchase a new air conditioner, begin enquiring in Spring before the weather gets too hot. Why do we suggest this?

There will be less of a rush and less demand for air conditioning, meaning our Design Consultants may be able to provide a quote quicker, the installation may be done sooner, and you can be comfortable sooner.

How Do I Finance a Ducted Air Conditioner?

Ford & Doonan have many finance options available for those looking to buy ducted air conditioning in Perth. Ford & Doonan have partnered with Zip, Humm90 and Handypay. Take a moment to browse our Finance page below. Using finance for a new air conditioner is a sensible way of purchasing the system. There won’t be as much of a burden on your families’ cashflow, and funds will be freed up for more of lives unexpected expenses. Plus, you can use the finance to purchase a more advanced air conditioner, adding value to your property and providing even more comfort in summer.

Which Company Should I Chose?

There are many air conditioning retailers in Western Australia, each with their own specialities. Ford & Doonan have been in business for over 35 years, meaning we know a thing or two about air conditioning and the Perth climate. We’re Daikin Specialist Dealers, allowing us to supplying an even larger range of Daikin branded air conditioners to the WA market. Additionally, we’re also part of the Panasonic Specialist Air Network, a network of air conditioning retailers that have met the requirements to wear the badge by Panasonic Australia.