How Does Zoning Work in a Ducted Air Conditioner?

How Does Zoning Work in a Ducted Air Conditioner?

Imagine having the ability to control the temperature of different areas of your home independently. That’s exactly what a zoned ducted air conditioner allows you to do! When it comes to beating the scorching heat and creating a cosy oasis at home, a zoned ducted air conditioner is a game changer. By dividing your home into distinct zones, each with its own cooling requirements, the system can deliver conditioned air to up to, on average, 70% of your home at any given time. Understanding how this zoning system works is vital to ensuring that your air conditioner provides the most comfortable experience for you and your family.

Efficient Cooling with Zoning

The magic of zoned ducted air conditioning starts with an essential step: understanding the heat load of your home. The home’s heat load is calculated based on a 36-degree outside temperature to achieve a 24-degree room temperature. When the ambient is greater than 36 degrees, the heat load increases, so careful use of zones can ensure that a comfortable room temperature can still be maintained. A zone system allows a more efficient-sized air conditioning unit to be utilised by cooling different parts of the home at different times.

One of the significant advantages of a zone system lies in its ability to optimise the use of your air conditioning unit. Instead of cooling the entire home simultaneously, the zoned ducted air conditioner focuses on specific areas, cooling different parts of the house at different times. This approach allows for more efficient-sized air conditioning units to be utilised, resulting in energy savings and reduced environmental impact.


The Day-Night Zoning Strategy

To make the most of your zoned ducted air conditioning system, Ford & Doonan highly recommend adopting the “day-night” zoning strategy. During the day, activate only the zones corresponding to the areas you are actively using, such as the kitchen, living room, and study. This targeted heating and cooling ensures that the areas where you spend most of your time remain comfortable without overburdening the system.

As the night descends, it’s time to switch gears. Turn off the zones for the daytime areas and activate the zones for the bedrooms and living room. By directing the capacity to these sleeping and relaxation spaces, you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep without unnecessary energy consumption.

Selecting the Right Air Conditioning Unit

Choosing the right air conditioning unit is a crucial step in implementing a zoned ducted air conditioning system. The unit should be selected based on the cooling requirements of the day rooms only, not the entire home. Typically, this means focusing on cooling around 60% to 70% of the total liveable area of your house. By doing so, you can avoid oversizing the unit, which would lead to inefficient operation and higher upfront costs.

In Perth, zoned ducted air conditioning systems have gained immense popularity, with more and more homes opting for this innovative cooling solution. Homeowners have experienced not only upfront cost savings but also reduced running costs over the years. This cost-effectiveness, coupled with the environmental benefits, makes zoned ducted air conditioning a great choice for any homeowner.