Having trouble using your Air Conditioning Unit?

The new Ford & Doonan “How to Videos” will help.

Once we have installed an air conditioning unit we often get the question, how do we use it efficiently, how can see whether the unit is operating, or why is it not turning on?

To help our customers, like yourself maybe, we have created short videos to help you operate your air conditioning unit. They demonstrate not only how to turn them on and set the temperature, but will also explain what you need to check when your unit is not turning on. These videos will give you an overview of operations and possibilities you have.

The most popular questions are regarding the efficiency of the unit. You have bought a good energy saving air conditioner, but then you find yourself wondering what else you can do to run the unit at even more cost? Our performance tips video will assist you with exactly this. There are several ways to keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter, something as simple as closing a door or curtains, turning off zones and directing the air where it is needed can make quite a difference. The video will explain this in detail and make you aware of things to look out for.

Something that is often forgotten by clients is regularly servicing their air conditioning is essential. Not only will this help to keep the warranty in place, but it will also increase efficiency of your air conditioner. Cleaning your filters is an essential part of the regular maintenance, and if you do not know how this is done, well then just click here and the video will explain it.

In case you still have questions or are unsure of anything concerning your air conditioning unit, just call your Ford & Doonan store and our teams will be able to answer your questions.

Go to the videos now by clicking here!