Ford & Doonan Pre Summer Launch 2013

Fremantle, October 2013

All Ford & Doonan staff from each branch gathered together to remember the core values of business that will drive us through the coming summer. As temperatures are rising we are getting ready for a warm summer. Fremantle, Perth Royal Yacht Club Annexe offered the wonderful location for the Ford & Doonan Pre Summer Launch 2013. The team was in for a treat with Dale Alcock giving a short coaching session, which included his highly interesting history of where he came from and the core values that drive him and his businesses today. These values included to be authentic, show leadership, be relentless, to provide excellent quality of products and services, be passionate and most importantly, have fun. Dale Alcock shared some parts of his daily live, like getting out of bed at 5am every day and swimming 2km to then be at the office by 7.30am. This is just describes the passion he has to achieve his goals.

Everyone was impressed by Dale Alcock’s speech and was able to take something away for themselves. Ford & Doonan did learn that their customer mantra had too many words, which called for action, and was changed immediately. The Ford & Doonan team will now be driven by these short and powerful words.

  • Passion
  • Proficient
  • Capable
  • Thorough
  • Happiness, Fun

After a few drinks, snacks and a spectacular sunset the late afternoon came to an end. However, it is only the start to an amazing, hot
and busy summer for Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning.

Ford & Doonan Pre Summer Launch 2013

Sunset at Ford & Doonan Pre Summer Launch