Ford & Doonan Celebrations

Fremantle 21.11.2014

Before the holiday season starts and not only work gets too busy but the private commitments as well, Ford & Doonan had a get together in Fremantle. It was a typical Fremantle windy late afternoon when staff met at the Annexe.

To keep the afternoon interesting and fun we had an artist draw some lucky few from the Ford & Doonan staff. Later on a comedian had the tough task to make everyone laugh, however, that was not hard. The Ford & Doonan team thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, and not only the entertainment but also the drinks food and chats with one another.

Of course the icing on the cake was the announcement and following celebration of the HIA Perth Customer Service Award. Winning the award was an honour to the team and made for a prefect day.Ford & Doonan Celebrations