F&D lends a helping Hand

As the days get longer, and time gets shorter, we often find ourselves forgetting about those less fortunate. Manna Inc. is a non-profit soup kitchen who have been feeding those less fortunate with a hot lunch or dinner each day. This year they are also celebrating 20 years of helping disadvantaged West Australians. What a great achievement, congratulations!

We prepared a 3 course lunch. Roast beef, with roast vegetables and gravy accompanied by fresh salad and muesli bars.

These are distributed to the homeless and struggling people of Perth six days a week at an inner city park. These meals annually total:

90,000 soups with a bread roll, 90,000 hot main meals, 90,000 desserts

That’s over 270,000 individual servings for the hungry and homeless every year. The meals are always made fresh every day by a large group of volunteers at the Manna Kitchen in the inner city Perth Suburb of Victoria Park. This week by Ford & Doonan staff and family.

It’s very rewarding to see the smiles that these simple acts of good deed do to those who feel left behind. We recommend everyone volunteer at Manna Inc as the staff are very friendly, hospitable & welcoming of those from all walks of life.