Does Ducted Air Conditioning Add Value To Your House?

Does Ducted Air Conditioning Add Value To Your House?

Air conditioning is a must for Western Australians. We’ve all seen air conditioning units and know that some work better than others. But, is it worth investing in ducted air conditioning? Does it increase your property’s value?

To understand if ducted air conditioning adds value to your house, it’s essential to understand what it really is. Let’s say you have multiple split system air conditioners in your house, some more modern than others and of various brands offering different features. The efficiency of each will be different, and based on usage may rack up bills that are unjustified and not eco-friendly.

What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning delivers cool or warm air to a variety of rooms in your home from one system. The air travels through carefully planned insulated ducts under your roof. This air enters various rooms and living spaces of your house through outlets.

If you plan to keep your house for a number of years, rent it out or sell it, it would be wise to invest in ducted air conditioning. Sticking to older technology and energy inefficient systems can only subtract value from your property.

One essential feature every Australian looks for is efficient climate control that is easy to use, simple to service and long lasting. Everything that reverse cycle ducted air conditioning offers.

Does Ducted Air Conditioning Add Value To Your House?

Why Invest in Ducted Air Conditioning?

Old inefficient cooling and heating systems are heavy on your bills and can lower your property value. Upgrading to ducted reverse cycle air conditioning adds value to your home in many ways:

Climate Control

You have complete climate control throughout the year. On those hot Perth summer days, you can adjust the exact amount of cooling in each area of your house and balance it out with a refrigerated ducted system.

You can create a cooler zone at the entry of your house and warmer as you go in. This gives an instant cooling effect at entry and more comfortable levels inside. You can reverse the temperatures during winter to warm your house exactly as you like it. This is contrary to evaporative systems, that only offer outside air that is slightly conditioned.

Maximise Comfort, Minimise Bills

This control over temperature allows whole home comfort. Ducting from the indoor unit directs air to various areas of your home through ducting. Based on your floor planning, you can strategically place ducts to each major room and living areas to create the perfect home temperature. You enjoy maximum comfort with minimum bills!

Tech Up!

You can add the latest technology to future proof your house. You can use modern innovations to connect your ducted air conditioner to smart home systems. Interfaces such as the AirTouch 4 controller allows you to control your air conditioning system along with Spotify, Google Home, smart lights, Solar PV and reticulation, etc. to future proof your house. A smart way to add value to your property.


A big selling point for ducted air conditioning is its long-life span. With regular, annual servicing and regular filter changes, a good system from Ford & Doonan can last you 7-10+ years. The quality of the installation does make a difference to the lifespan of your ducted air conditioner. A choice of standard washable mesh filters or a premium clean air filter pack is available.

Easy to Clean

It’s easy to remove and replace filters of ducted air conditioners. This accessibility ensures clean, filtered air is circulating at all times. Using quality filters ensures you are receiving the highest quality air.

Does it Add Value?

Real estate experts will tell you that a quality, well maintained reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system is an excellent selling point. Having a ducted air conditioning system will generate greater interest in your property. If you’re listing your home for sale or lease during summer, then a working ducted air conditioner will make your home open a much more comfortable place. As we know, comfort can help people spend more!

Much like other pieces of technology, with age they become inefficient. This applies to air conditioning as well and can translate to higher electricity bills for you. Old air conditioning units may get the job done but at what cost? You are losing out on potential savings.

Climate change is now on everyone’s radar. An additional benefit for ducted air conditioning is that, its zoning functionality helps to reduce your carbon footprint. By using the day/night zoning functionality correctly, you can take real steps to reduce your energy consumption and in-turn reduce your carbon footprint.

The overall convenience offered by ducted air conditioning coupled with the superior control of the AirTouch 4, modernises your home. Impress people with your investment and create a comfortable atmosphere for less with Ford & Doonan.

Now that you have decided that ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is right for your home, let’s focus on the best provider in Western Australia, Ford & Doonan!

Why Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning?

Established in 1985, Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning Systems is a Perth based air conditioning specialist that focuses on quality installations with top-notch customer service. The company was founded as a result of a passion for air conditioning and a focus on customer service. Specialising in reverse cycle ducted air conditioning systems and ground-breaking system designs.

Ford & Doonan utilises specialist software to provide the most accurate system designs and quoting for your home. Years of experience, customer testimonials and customer service awards assures you professional installation using quality materials with no compromise.

  • Over 35 Years of Experience in the market. When you are planning to install such a system, you’d want an expert to take care of the details. Ford & Doonan is at the forefront of this technology with both domestic and commercial air conditioning. Having won many awards for customer service and supplier awards, it is a name you can trust.
  • Premium Customer Service for everyone. Ford & Doonan emphasises on delivering top-notch after sales care and the service department is there for all customers to answer queries and book a service for your air conditioner.
  • Based in Western Australia. Ford & Doonan is a household name with 10 branches in Perth metropolitan area, 1 in the Peel region and 2 in the South West region. Experience with the Western Australian climate means you get the best solution in heating and cooling according to your preferences and budget. This is done using high quality materials proven to withstand the harshness of Australian weather.
  • On a budget? Quality costs less with Ford & Doonan. With our finance options from Zip and Skye, get the ducted air conditioning you want today.

Use our handy air conditioning cost calculator below to find out how much ducted air conditioning and split system air conditioning can cost for you.*

*Pending site inspection


Design Expertise and Quality Materials

These translate into hidden benefits that all add up to longevity and performance.

  • To reduce the vibration from outdoor units, outdoor condensors are mounted on brackets with vibration-absorbing mounts (where applicable). This helps to reduce the chance of rust forming at the bottom of the air conditioner and allows for the homeowner to change the flooring below if needed.
  • Improper ducting methods and materials can pose a fire hazard. Ford & Doonan works to address this by strapping all ducting using correct black strap fire rated strapping (where applicable).
  • All air conditioning units bring outside air into your home. Proper filtration of this air is not only healthy but a requirement for comfortable conditioned air. When purchasing your system, there’s a choice of the standard washable mesh filter or advanced premium clean air filter pack (where applicable). When filters need replacing, just call our service department to schedule a collection of your replacement at your convenience, or book in a service and we’ll do it for you.
  • Indoor air conditioning units are installed above a drip tray. In the rare and unfortunate event that a water leak occurs, this drip tray reduces the chance of water leaks damaging your roof, as water is captured in the tray. Ford & Doonan installs indoor units above the drip tray to reduce the chance of accidental water leaks that may damage your roof (where applicable).
  • These drip trays also come with one additional feature to further reduce the risk of water damage. A drain alarm system is installed in the drip tray under the indoor unit (where applicable) to alert customers of potential leaks. This alarm system allows you to take appropriate measures and call our team before major damage occurs.
  • Condensation can occur in weather extremities. To support your existing drainage system and to ensure proper water flow, an emergency drainage system is installed (where applicable). This system acts as an accessory drainage system in case of blockages in the primary drain.

Ford & Doonan offers a comprehensive solution to all of your cooling and heating requirements with options for future proofing your home. By using products and services offered by Ford & Doonan, you can easily modernise your current air conditioning and improve your house’s comfort, appeal and value. Speak to the ducted air conditioning experts, and air conditioning leaders, Ford & Doonan today.