Common Queries

Some answers for common queries:

  1. When the air conditioning system is working it is common to see water accumulating on the ground under the main air con unit. This is a normal occurrence due to the condensation of moisture as heat is exchanged through the Air Conditioning system.
  2. In cold weather you may see what appears to be smoke coming from the unit. This is just steam being released when the unit is in de ice mode. Also you may notice the unit icing up and appearing frozen. This is also ok as long as the system completes a de ice cycle.
  3. If you notice some outlets don’t appear to have enough air flow, check how many zones are open. Close off any zones not required and see if the air flow increases.
  4. Using your timer function can increase efficiency. In winter you can set the air conditioner to start an hour before you get up. Set the temperature at 21 degrees and slowly raise the temperature of your home. This is more efficient than trying to heat an entire house instantly.
  5.  Make sure nothing is restricting the air flow through the outdoor unit.
  6. Don’t oversize the air conditioner when buying new. When buying a new system, utilise Ford & Doonan’s heat load calculation software to ensure that the unit you purchase is designed specifically for your needs.
  7. Shade your condenser unit – condensers in the shade use up to 10% less electricity than those in direct sunlight. Don’t block the condenser unit as restricted air flow will increase electricity use.
  8. Get paramount performance from your system by regularly cleaning or replacing your filters. Replacement is recommended at least once a year. However, if you have allergies we recommend more frequent replacements.
  9. High quality refrigerated air conditioning has a very long lifespan providing it is properly looked after and maintained. We recommend a yearly service. The majority of reputable branded air conditioners have a five year parts and labor warranty or, in the event that a system has ducting, it may come with a ten year warranty. We now also offer an extended 7 Year Warranty package. Just ask your design consultant for more information.
  10. Pricing between units can vary significantly and is mostly depended on your house and lifestyle. At Ford & Doonan we make sure that we design, select and offer you the most suitable unit to ensure your comfort. We can offer you options that are highly affordable or even finance packages are available.
  11. The running cost of your unit does not only depend on how long your run your air conditioning, but also what temperature you set it at. In summer we recommend setting the temperature at 24 degrees and in winter at 22 degrees.
  12. Is your air conditioning outdoor unit close to walls, obstructions or fences? Our air guiders will help as they are designed to direct air up and away from any obstruction at an angle of 45°. This prevents the hot air in summer and cool air in winter being recirculated.

If you need further assistance with your air conditioner, please contact the Ford & Doonan branch that installed your air conditioner, we are always happy to help.

For service requests on your Ford & Doonan air conditioner in Perth, call 9331 8800