Christmas at Ford & Doonan

Ford & Doonan celebrated the end of a great year 2013.

It was that time of the year again, Christmas. The great location at Burswood on Swan offered a beautiful venue for this year’s Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning Christmas Party, where the Perth Metro Franchises all came together. It was about celebrating a great year 2013 in style. Ford & Doonan had a great year 2013, recording a staff record of 128 employees, a fleet of 72 vehicles and 60 sub-contractors.

Not just the ladies found the most stunning dresses but the men scrubbed up very nicely too.  At the end of the red carpet entrance was Mark Lait, Photographer, who took pictures of all the stunning looking staff.


The band nChant enchanted the Ford & Doonan Group with music and the Gourmet BBQ offered something to eat for everyone.

There was also the luck of the draw for all Ford & Doonan staff. With the name-tags came numbers that went into a draw and the luckiest prize winner was Glenn from Ford & Doonan Osborne Park, who won a Samsung Split System.

It was a night filled with laughter, dancing and of celebration.

Happy New Year 2014, let’s make it a good one!