Celebrating 30 Years in the Air Conditioning Industry

The 14.8.2015 marked a special day in the Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning company history.


Clients, suppliers, sub contractors, friends, family and staff all came together for this special event marking the milestone achievement of 30 years in the air conditioning industry.

The Perth Zoo was not only a unique but special location for this event, with the animals putting on a spectacular show for all our guests. The lions were roaring, rhinos bathing and the monkeys, well lets say they had some differences among each other. It was a pleasant winter evening, and once the sun set the Zoo was illuminated by beautiful fairy lights, the wonderful carousel creating a magical atmosphere.

The food, drinks, especially the blue Ford & Doonan cocktail were adding to the wonderful sensations of the evening.

Another highlight of the evening were stories from the early Ford & Doonan Days shared by Andrew Ford and Kyle Doonan. Andrew Fords father was answering the clients calls, contacting Andrew and Kyle so they knew which job was next. However, this was not as easy as back in the day, there were no mobile phones. They had a pager to receive messages, and to call back they needed to find a phone. Quickly they knew every phone booth in Perth and remembered to take plenty of coins, to call back and get directions for the next jobs at hand. In the 80s that was the only way they could communicate and even though it seems very slow nowadays, they were using cutting edge technology at the time.

Andrew Ford and Kyle Doonan have always stayed true to this work moral, and therefore have the pleasure of celebrating 30 year in Air Conditioning.

It was certainly a night to remember. Freedom Photography documented the evening with some beautiful photographs that can be seen on our website Click Here.