Can a solar PV system really save me money?

Solar PV systems have been around for a number of years. A great piece of technology that can reduce your energy bills all by making use of our sunny Australian climate. What’s not to like?
A solar PV system will help you save money if you stay in the house for a number of years and are able to get the right solar PV system installed at the right price. The correct solar PV system can have you running your air conditioner on cooling all through summer, and on heating through those cold nights in winter, without costing you an arm-and-a-leg.
If you’re hoping to save money with solar, then it all depends on a number of factors. Such as;

  • The amount of energy you use
  • The size of the solar PV system installed (and cost to acquire said system)
  • Government rebates

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to understand how and why a solar PV system is an added value to your house.

How does solar PV work?

Solar Photovoltaic or solar PV systems convert sunlight directly to electricity by means of PV cells made of semiconductor materials. The electricity generated is direct current or DC, this DC electricity needs to be converted to alternating current or AC, before being suitable for powering your home or office lights or appliances. This conversion is done by an “inverter”. The inverter is a wall-mounted box about the size of a briefcase that is usually located undercover on an outside wall, or inside a carport or garage.
The solar panels that collect the sun’s energy, of course, are located on the roof, in almost all cases. The panel’s orientation toward the sun is critical to maximise electricity being generated. One reason why solar PV panels are a good idea is that when you are using electricity, you pull electricity generated by your solar PV first, before buying from the grid.Video On Solar PV Installation

What size solar PV system should I get?

Well, that all depends on the amount of energy you use. Gather up the 3 most recent energy bills to see what your average consumption is. Also make note of what your energy consumption was over the peak summer period (December, January and February) as that will give you a good indication of how your energy consumption fluctuates.
We also recommend you gather up your house plans and elevations so that you can see how much roof space you have and what direction the room is angled at. This will determine where the solar panels can go to get most of the sun’s rays.
When getting a quote for a solar PV system, be sure to bring both of the above. That way the size of the solar PV system will be matched to your energy consumption and house style. Make sure you don’t get an “off the shelf” package, as this ends up creating a large initial capital purchase, meaning a longer repayment period. Ford & Doonan Solar always tailors a solar PV system to individual needs.

Do I make money when I sell electricity generated by my solar PV system?

Yes you do on residential tariffs , but not as much as you once did sadly. When solar PV systems were being strongly encouraged by the Australian Government, the feed-in tariffs were very generous. However, the tariffs are now around 7.135 cents for kWh*. We recommend you try to use as much of the free, or self-generated electricity, as possible as you are paying 25 cents/KWh when buying electricity and minimise what spare energy you return to the power grid.
Solar PV systems help you save money and add value to your home.
If you’re looking for more information about solar PV systems, you can visit our website here www.fordanddoonansolar.com.au or call us on 9331 8800
*accurate at time of writing.