Bunbury Franchise of the Year 2015

At Ford & Doonan every year we honor the high achievers of the Ford & Doonan Group. This is not only for the Sales, Builders Direct, or Service Teams, but also for the overall best performing Franchise of the Ford & Doonan Group.

The criteria do not make it easy for the Franchises to receive this Award. The award is based on the performance of the past three years, not just the last. Therefore it is a representation of growth, consistency and profitability. There are specific codes of conduct that each store have to adhere to and especially when there are customer complaints, how each store handles these has an impact on the decision.

Ford & Doonan Bunbury has recently shown that they are innovative, adhere to the code of conduct and allow their clients to have a Ford & Doonan Day. They have grown to be the leading air conditioning specialists in south west of WA.

Well done Bunbury, keep up the great work!

“Ken and I (Jeremy) from the Bunbury store are very proud of our teams’s success yet again. We strive to provide the best service, and have the happiest customers that we can possibly have. We believe winning the Franchise of the year is proof that our entire Bunbury team shares this same goal, and are working towards it together every day. While Ford & Doonan are not always the cheapest,  we have a long term plan to be in business and still be servicing Bunbury better than any other company for many years to come. We are investing a lot of time and money in research and development, and training, to ensure that all of our staff know the ins and outs of the great products that we provide. We would again like to thank all of our amazing staff who have helped us achieve this Franchise of the year award for the third time in 7 years.“