An Air Conditioning Shopping List

In the market to buy an air conditioner? Then these are 5 MUST hear things when considering which system to choose

Installation Warranty

Look for an air conditioning company that not only honours the manufacturer’s warranty, but also has an installation warranty undertaken by the company’s own technicians and not sub-contractors. Not only will this mean you’re protected from faults with the actual air conditioner’s operation, but you are also covered from any defects associated with the installation.

It’s important to have this so that you have a guarantee on the longevity of your air conditioning system.  We get it, air conditioners are a sizeable investment.  Much like buying a car, you wouldn’t get one without a good warranty period undertaken by the company itself.

Regular Servicing by One Company

Also look for an air conditioning company that has a dedicated service department.  For the majority of air conditioning manufacturers, the warranty you have is only valid if the air conditioner gets serviced regularly and according to their recommended service intervals. These service intervals can be found in your installation manual. Choosing an air conditioning company with a service department means that you will get one and only one company looking after your air conditioner, right from installation through to servicing

Prepaid Servicing Packages

If the company does have a service department, enquire as to whether they have any pre-paid service packages. This means that you can lock in services at one price to avoid any further costs into the future. The majority of the time, this is only available for you to purchase at the time of purchasing the air conditioner, so it’s something to consider to ensure the longevity of the

Consider Smart Home Automation

If you’re shopping for a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system, then be sure to enquire about smart home touchscreen controllers. There are a variety of smart home controllers available, such as AirTouch, iZone and My Air. They all do similar things, but it’s important to check to see whether they require the use of proprietary products, or whether they’re open source.

We recommend going for open source, as this means you can connect a variety of apps and smart home devices to the controller for full functionality and you aren’t locked into using only one provider for your smart lights, reticulation or garage door controls.

Type of Ducted Filter

One more thing to consider is the filter that’s installed with your reverse cycle ducted air conditioner. There are a variety of filters available in various sizes, and it’s paramount you select the best option. The washable type filter is the standard offering of more air conditioning companies. However, we recommend enquiring and opting for the pleated clean air filter pack.

This is made up of an advanced commercial specification pleated filter design that captures the finest dust and debris that standard washable filters alone let pass through. This greatly improves indoor air quality, particular if you have pets, prone to allergies or respiratory health issues.