A Foolproof Guide to Staying Warm this Winter

We’re approaching the cooler months, so it’s time to swap the boogie board for a blanket. Along with the cold weather come the cold and flus. Here are 4 ways you can keep warm and work to keep your family that bit healthier this Winter.

Freaky Filters

Wash, clean or replace your air conditioners filter. Did you know that all the air that passes through your air conditioning system must, at some point, pass through your filter? It pays to have a clean and clear filter. This Summer was especially hot, so your air conditioner was working that little bit harder. Before you switch it to heating for Winter, take a moment to inspect, clean and possibly replace your filter.

If you have a split system air conditioner, you can clean and re-install the filter following this video.If you have a ducted air conditioner with a mesh washable filter, you can clean and re-install the filter following this video.If you have a ducted air conditioner with the clean air pleated filter pack, you will need to order a new filter from Ford & Doonan. These pleated filters can NOT be washed and re-installed, doing so will break them.

Give your air con some love with a service

We all enjoy a massage every now and then. Your air conditioner is no different!

Just like a car, it’s recommended to have your air conditioner serviced once a year. Your air conditioner can behave differently when heating in Winter, vs cooling in Summer. This is because the system is working to turn cold outside air into warm inside air. Having your air conditioner serviced will help make the air conditioner run as efficiently as possible, ultimately creating a more comfortable home using the least energy.

Anti-bacterial products for your air con

Ford & Doonan are now ranging the Gel Air range of Tea Tree vapour blocks for ducted air conditioners. 100% natural gel matrix block which delivers controlled and sustained release of high-quality Australian Tea Tree Oil vapour for up to 12 weeks, killing 99.99% of bacteria in the process. These can be installed whilst your air conditioner is being serviced.

Eliminate viruses once and for all with UV-C

Ford & Doonan are also ranging UV-C germicidal lamps for residential and commercial applications. UV-C lamp technology has been used for a number of years in hospitals and medical centres throughout the world. The UV-C wavelengths work to breakdown the DNA of germs, meaning they cannot spread further and eventually die.