8 Interesting facts about Air Con you may not know!

1. The first air conditioner, designed by Willis Carrier in 1902, was designed to control the humidity in a New York publish house. Its effects helped ink to dry faster and smudge free, as well as keeping the paper from expanding and contracting.

2. Before Air Conditioning, most industry traditionally slowed or stopped in summer, as buildings were hot and workers were sluggish. Even today workers have month long vacations in Europe, where AC is not as popular.

3. Climate control has further changed the way we design and construct buildings and homes. No more cool brick structures with high ceilings, transoms, breezeways and sleeping porches, which were designed to keep people cool. Today’s glass skyscrapers and low-slung tract housing don’t have the same ventilating and heat defeating features, so going without AC today feels more unbearable than it used to.

4. People can thank Air Conditioning partially for prolonged life expectancy and the world changing advances in medicine. Without cool and controllable environments, certain medicines could never have been created and certain illnesses could never have been cured.

5. Air conditioning has also played an important part in the development of computer technology and manufacturing.

6. There is the perception that by leaving the air con running at minimal level the whole day will lower energy cost. This is not true, air conditioners use energy whether it is running at minimal level or not. So when you are leaving the house, it is always better to turn it off.

7. You can avoid some allergies by using air conditioning. Dust mites and unclean air can cause allergies but air conditioners can help clean air from dust and pollen therefore reduce your chances of reacting badly.

8. Cinemas were one of the first industries to start using air conditioning. Moviemakers released their big pictures during the summer months because people sought out the air-conditioned buildings to escape the heat.