5 Unmissable Reasons Why You Need Solar PV Before Summer

The think tanks of the contemporary age emphasize the need for achieving and maintaining sustainable growth. Various circumstances have shaped the need to use more environment-friendly methods of generating energy. Let us introduce the familiar and humble solar PV system.

Solar PV is regarded as one of the cleanest sources of producing electrical energy, which is harnessed from the heat of the Sun. This renewable energy, through the passage of time, has been assisted by developments in cutting-edge technological pieces of equipment. Pioneered for harnessing the sun’s rays, they’re available for industrial and as well as for domestic applications. It’s the changes in attitudes towards global warming and the production of electricity through fossil fuels that have caused people to choose a cleaner source of energy for their daily use. However, these aren’t all the reasons people in Western Australia are crazy about buying the solar PV systems in summer. But, why wait till summer? Let us explain 5 unmissable reasons why you should get your solar PV system installed before summer, and why it’s perfect for Perth’s climate.


Perth currently has a mounting problem of increasing property prices and high rental charges since 2007. This has also meant further challenges for families and individuals when trying to keep on-top of utility expenses. This is especially prevalent during summer, when the days often exceeds 35°C and the air conditioner runs long into the night. Some families face the tough choice of comfort or saving money. With a solar PV system, you can effectively make your own electricity. In fact, with a correctly sized system, you can even run your whole household off one solar PV system, and have some electricity left over to either store (for both a metaphorical and literal rainy day) or sell back to the grid.

Smaller, 3kw solar PV systems can be supplied for around $3,500*. Meaning you can start saving money sooner and reduce your repayment period.

*Indicative cost, requires site inspection and formal quotation.


Over the years, vast chunks of land have been acquired to provision the growth of the financial and construction industry. This, and other factors, have ganged up and have left a huge carbon footprint on these virgin lands.

Hence, solar power is but one way for West Aussies to help create a fresh and breathable environment. Solar technology is a simple investment comprised chiefly of solar panels, traditionally mounted on the roof, and an inverter located on the wall.  Modern demands of living standards of people living in urbanised and as well as remote regions of Western Australia, are increasingly moving towards optioning for renewable electricity generation sources and a way of powering both their business and homes.

Ford & Doonan understand the importance of using green ways of producing electricity. In fact, even our solar quotes can be done electronically with no human contact and no paper products. If you have a copy of your house plans and your last two electricity bills handy, send them across to us and we can provide an approximate quote. We do recommend a site visit prior to installation, just so we can make sure that there aren’t any implications that aren’t featured on the house plan that could impact

(a) Your solar PV installation

(b) The effectiveness of your solar PV system.


There are no ifs or buts about it. Western Australia is one HOT state. With our summers warm and winters cool we’re often reaching for the air con controller to get us through. The spring and summer seasons in Perth are brilliant for generating electricity from solar. Why? Because the sun is up and shining for the longest period of time, therefore giving greater and longer contact time with the solar panels. The temperatures do not need to be extremely hot as solar technology can also survive perfectly well in mild temperatures. Much like air conditioning, often we all think of getting a solar PV system in the middle of summer. However, you should actually get it right now. How come? The longer the panels are installed, the more chance they have of generating electricity, therefore meaning your solar PV system can pay for itself sooner.


Looking around housing districts and business parks in Perth, it can be hard to see a consistent number of solar PV systems. As our population grows year on year, and with recent housing grants extended and increased by the Australian Federal Government, more and more homes are being built.

The roof on most houses is under-utilised. A large, sparse area that is prime for generating electricity. Think about how long your roof is exposed to the sun throughout the year, and in particular during summer? This space can be used to house a solar PV system that can not only run your household electricity, but could also generate enough power that you can feed it back into the grid and earn money


Electricity coming from the grid can be wasted before it reaches the end-consumer. This is largely due to the demand, lots of households reliant on one particular grid system can be a recipe for disaster. In the case of producing your own electricity through solar electricity, you have more control over your electricity bills therefore, solar PV systems are actually quite durable and resilient with low maintenance costs.

During the peak of summer, it’s not uncommon for a blackout to occur here in Perth. With us all cranking the air conditioner and watching TV, sometimes the grid just can’t cope. When you’re connected to your own solar PV system with a battery powered inverter, you don’t need to worry about blackouts.


In summary, solar power could be counted as a more efficient choice of renewable energy for Perth.


How many solar PV companies can you recall from the last 10 years? We struggle to remember many either. Sadly, the solar PV industry has had a number of small businesses start-up, operate for a very brief period of time, then disappear as quickly as they appeared, leaving dissatisfied customers in their wake. With over 35 years of supplying air conditioning to Western Australia, Ford & Doonan isn’t going anywhere. We standby both our air conditioning and solar PV system installations. With a team of accredited and dedicated installers, you can rest easy that a Ford & Doonan solar PV system will be sized, installed and maintained correctly. And if, for whatever reason, something may go wrong, our after-sales care team are here to help. Quality costs less with Ford & Doonan.

To realise real savings today and beat the summer rush, get a solar PV quote from Ford & Doonan today by visiting fordanddoonansolar.com.au or contact us on (08) 9331 880.