4 Effective Tips to Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer

With the scorching summer heat just around the corner, there’s no better time to get your air conditioner ready for the sunny season. A well prepared air conditioning system not only ensures your comfort but also enhances energy efficiency and extends the unit’s lifespan. At Ford & Doonan, we value your comfort and satisfaction, which is why we’ve put together 4 effective tips to help you prepare your air conditioner for a refreshing and enjoyable summer.

Clean the Filter

Dirty filters can restrict airflow, reduce cooling efficiency, and lower indoor air quality. Before summer rolls around, check your air conditioner’s filters and clean or replace them if necessary. Clean filters ensure unrestricted airflow, making it easier for the system to cool your home efficiently and provide clean, fresh air. For most residential air conditioners, we suggest cleaning the filter every six to twelve months, depending on usage. If you have pets, allergies, or children, more frequent cleaning, such as every three months, may be necessary. Check out our simple and easy to follow DIY videos on how to clean the filter in your ducted or wall split air conditioner:

Check and Clean the Outdoor Unit

It’s easy to forget about the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. However, it’s important to remember that the unit is exposed to the outdoor environment throughout the year, and it can accumulate dirt, leaves, and debris. Before summer arrives, inspect the outdoor unit and ensure that it’s clean and free from obstructions. Remove any debris around the unit, as this can hinder proper airflow and strain the system. Additionally, consider trimming any plants around the outdoor unit to ensure there is adequate clearance for the best performance.

Schedule a service

While there are many ways you can prepare your air conditioner for summer yourself, a professional service is worthwhile for complete peace of mind. Here at Ford & Doonan, we highly recommend that you service your air conditioning unit at least once a year. This is our recommendation because it ensures that you have your air con operating at its highest efficiency, no matter the season. By having your air conditioner serviced annually, you can address any potential issues, keep the system clean, maintain its overall performance and minimise the risk of unexpected breakdowns during peak summer heat. Schedule a service online by visiting our booking platform here:

Or by contacting our service department on (08) 9331 8800

Change the mode and temperature

Before the summer heat arrives, it might seem obvious to switch your air conditioner to cooling mode, but it’s essential to double check. Confirm that the mode on the controller is set to cool, not heat mode, to ensure you’re prepared for the rising temperatures. Cooling mode is often represented as a snowflake icon, with heating as a sun icon. We recommend running your air conditioner on cooling mode and high fan speed at a temperature between 22°C to 24°C.