4 of the Easiest Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

With Winter now on our door step, it’s easy to start to worry about all the costs that come along with keeping your home warm and cosy. But, here at Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning, we have compiled a list of a few things that you can do to stay warm and reduce costs this winter season.

Keep the Warmth Inside

Heat can easily escape through your windows and doors, so installing curtains are a great way to reduce this problem. Believe it or not, we lose around 40%* of the heat in our homes through the windows. Even by adding new, heavy duty curtains can assist in keeping the heat in your home.

If you have a room that has low ventilation, you might even consider getting a split system air conditioner. This reverse cycle system not only heats and cools your room, but it can also dehumidify, humidify, purify, and/or ventilate the room. They are a relatively low up-front cost, and can heat a whole area of your house at one time. Such as a separate bedroom or study nook.

Be Smart About your Heat

When you’re feeling chilly, don’t just automatically crank up the heat. Ford & Doonan recommend that the temperature be set somewhere between 20°C – 23°C. This allows your unit to work efficiently, while allowing you to still be comfortable in your home.

On the same note, if you are leaving your house, be sure to lower the heat a bit so that you aren’t wasting electricity while you aren’t there to enjoy it. Another thing to note is that with most modern air conditioners you are able to set a timer for the heat to kick on automatically. This allows you to create great heating habits, and retain heat while saving money in the long run.

Heat Where you Spend the Most Time

Whether you live in a mega-mansion or a small cottage, we all have rooms that we tend to gravitate towards more than others. For example, kitchens and living rooms tend to be the heart of most homes.

That being said, it’s important to prioritise those rooms to be warm and ready to enjoy on a cold winter night. This can be done very easily with a zoned ducted air conditioner. Opting for a zoned ducted air conditioner from Ford & Doonan will allow you to turn one single air conditioner on, but control where the airflow goes. For example, you may be in the home theatre watching a family movie, but wish to heat the bedrooms up. Turn on the zones for the home theatre and bedrooms, whilst leaving the kitchen and dining area off. Heat is now being directed exactly where you’d like it.

Layer Up

This one may seem obvious but remember to dress in layers even at home! Even something as simple as a beanie or wool socks can warm you up more than you would think. Also, don’t forget that warm bedding and rugs go a long way in keeping your home warm, and keeping you warm while you sleep.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to keep your costs lower while staying warm and comfortable all winter long. However, if your air conditioner isn’t quite performing as well as it should, be sure to contact our Service Department on (08) 9331 8800.

4 of the Easiest Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

Cleaning a washable ducted air conditioner filter

Removing a split system filter

Why You Should Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced Now Before the Summer Rush?

We always recommend getting your air conditioner serviced in Autumn, Winter or Spring. That way you can stay comfortable throughout the summer!

By servicing the air conditioner now, it will be performing well for the weather extremities in summer and will be ready to keep you warm in winter. You will also not have to worry about booking a service before the Christmas rush. One less thing to worry about!

The Take-Away

Air conditioners have become a necessity in our daily lives. Ensuring you’re comfortable throughout the year is their goal. At Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning, we’re in the human comfort business. Ensuring your comfort is best done through correct and regular air conditioning service. As you’ve now learned how much air conditioner service costs, why you need to have it serviced, and what happens during a service, the next thing to do it book one!

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